F. T. Tern, Author and Photographer
F. T. Tern, Author and Photographer

About F. T. Tern

F. T. Tern is a pseudonym for a male human being who has been at various times an Author, Bus Boy, Business Owner, CPR/First Aid Instructor, Database Administrator, Educational Microcomputer Consultant, Electronics Repair Technician, Farm Hand, Father, Firearms Instructor, Firefighter/EMT, Hooker (Rugs!), Janitor, Lab Assistant, Lathe Operator, Martial Arts Student, Messenger, Musician, Photographer, Photography Instructor, Physics Student, Pre-med Student, Programmer/Analyst, Retail Salesperson, Scuba Diver, Son, Spouse, Switchboard Operator, Technical Writer, Technical Support Specialist, Underwater Photographer, Webmaster and Woodworker. He has been called, among many other things, an angoraphobic misanthrope. He lives in the Ft. Worth area with too many large and demanding dogs. He has never written on a cat or had a pet dragon.


Member or past member: ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), AIMED (Association of Independent Macintosh Educators and Developers), DAMED (Dallas Area Macintosh Educators and Developers), GOA (Gun Owners of America), IAP (International Association of Penturners), The Libertarian Party, Mensa (The International High IQ Society), MOST (Mac OS Students and Teachers), NHS (National Honor Society), NOBAN (internet PAC against the Assault Weapons Ban), NRA (National Rifle Association - Life), SPS (Society of Physics Students), TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association - Life), and TSTA (Texas State Teacher’s Association).

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